This is basically a big-assed note to Chris.

Chris: You can safely delete this post once you've read it.

Modernized from Scratch

The theme was inspired by the free "Mainstream" theme, although none of the code or elements were used from that theme in making this one.

The only images in this theme are the banner . logo. The rest of the look and feel has been done with HTML 5 + CSS3. Antiquated browsers may bork, but it should play nicely with most modern ones.

I'm using Google's Noto Sans font throughout, which gives the site a more distinctive look than Arial --and I find it more readable personally.

Pages fade-in, which is my attempt to make click-loads less jarring. I can slow down or speed up the effect depending on your preference.

I hope you like the fancy buttons.

For Mobile & Desktop

This theme is "responsive" (a catchphrase for scaling to different browser sizes). It should work well on both mobile and desktop browsers.

What in the works?

  • Tag support. Go ahead and add tags to posts, they will be supported later --are working now.

  • Photo & Video support. Images and Videos within posts now display appropriately for mobile & desktop sizes. I've added an image-preview for index pages. Ghost doesn't currently scale images, so for previews 100x100 images are recommended. Hit the gear icon at the bottom-right when writing a post to add a preview "post image". For normal images within posts, use Ctrl-Shift-i.

  • Author profiles. Right now author pages just list posts by the author. If you like I could add profiles that support settings in the admin here, like author picture, bio, etc.. If you ever feel like having a guess author contribute, it may be nice to have this ready.

  • Edit links. I'd like to add convenient edit links if you're logged in. Not doable until Ghost adds support for edit links (expected v0.7 or so).

  • Comments. I am hoping to add in comments via Facebook, but I will need Chris' help to complete this via his Facebook account.

Is it usable now?

Yes. The only major feature left to add is the Facebook commenting system.









Bold & Italic Test

A large image test:

A video test: